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On this website you will find operating systems, applications and other for older Windows operating systems.

A definition of the file formats is available at the bottom of this page. All file sizes are approximate.


Microsoft mouse 9.01
MS-DOS 6.22 installer


Microsoft mouse 9.01

These are drivers provided by Microsoft for the Microsoft BusPort, serial, and PS/2 mice.

Formats: .IMG (1.40 MB),.
Last updated: 1996.


MS-DOS 6.22 installer

Microsoft DOS 6.22 was the last standalone version from Microsoft. It was also the last from Microsoft to run on an 8088, 8086, or 286.

Formats: .ZIP (4,27 MB),.
Last updated: 1994.


Downloads added from users

File Formats

.bas    Visual Basic source file, in text format
.exe    Windows executable program
.zip    Windows archive file
.IMG	 Image file of floppy disk
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