FrontPage 2000 website on Windows NT 4.0
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Welcome to my web site!

This website is hosted on Windows NT 4.0 server. It uses IIS 2.0 and Microsoft FrontPage 2000 for creating this website.

Computer specifications

Windows NT 4.0 is running on Microsoft Windows server 2016 as a virtual machine in Hyper-v.

Main server specifications:

CPU: 2x: Intel Xeon L5520 2.27 GHz
RAM: 12 GB
OS: Windows server 2016 Essentials

About Windows server NT 4.0

Windows NT 4.0 is the successor to the Windows NT 3.x release. Windows NT 4.0 has an interface of Windows 95. NT was ment mostly for corporations and servers. So in this case we have Windows NT 4.0 server used as an web server as a virtual machine. Mainstream support for server version ended on December 31, 2002 and  Extended support on December 31, 2004.

You can download setup files for Windows NT 4.0 server and workstation here.

This page was last updated on 08/03/19.

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